How to Network and Build a Social Circle: Some Tips

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How to Network and Build a Social Circle: Some Tips
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How to Network and Build a Social Circle: Some Tips

How to Network and Build a Social Circle: Some Tips

Network and Build a Social Circle – Without others, success in life is impossible.
Therefore, I’ll be discussing the value of networking for creatives and business owners , as well as how to create a strong social network and my three top networking ideas.

Hello, this is Sean from THiNK Media.
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You may have even heard the saying “That your network is directly tied to your net worth” before.
Therefore, I wanted to film a movie that truly discussed the value of connections and occasionally stepping outside of your regular routine to forge those relationships, rather than simply generating videos, trying to produce goods, making money online, or even just building your influence online.
I want to know if you invest in your relationships as well as your finances because I know you do.
Build social capital, do you?

In fact, I think the most valuable item in your portfolio is your capacity to create a network of interpersonal and professional connections.
I thus devote a lot of time to this channel to tactically provide insights on how to increase video views, optimize videos for search, and expand social media platforms, but I felt it was extremely crucial to create a video on how to expand your network and invest in, truly, people.

In fact, I think you should spend 50% of your time creating content—whether that’s filming your videos, starting a business, or developing your brand—and 50% of your time distributing that material.
Hence, you are investing the necessary time online or perhaps offline.
spreading the word about your efforts.
This necessitates meeting people in addition to tweeting.

It truly requires developing your network, spending time in the specialized group, and mingling with people. It also entails rubbing shoulders.
What are some doable strategies for doing this, then?
Let’s go to these three suggestions.

Getting off the Internet and actually connecting up with folks in the real world is the first one.
I recognize that sounds a little weird, don’t you?
We need to make sure that we block time in our calendars as online entrepreneurs, video influencers, and online influencers to attend conferences, attend meetings, and participate in the neighborhood, and here’s why.

You can meet people to collaborate with on YouTube or in business when you attend these events.
Here is where you might be able to locate interns who will collaborate with you and perhaps even become a part of your team.
You could locate potential teammates here.
Even if it’s something that will happen later, you should constantly be considering this even if it’s not where you are now growing your brand or business.

I met my buddy Nick from Greyscalegorilla at a recent event in Vegas called Amplified Live, and as an illustration of how useful this is, we’ve gone skiing together and are developing both a friendship and a business connection.
So, this is where these events take place. is one of my favorite websites for establishing these kinds of local relationships.
I’ll include a link to it in the description below if you’ve never been there.
To find things like business meetups, entrepreneurship, meetups is a good search phrase, video production, and photography, simply go to Meetup, make an account, and then search for those things.
The day after filming this video, I’ll be attending a YouTuber meet-up that is taking place in Vegas.
There are therefore several opportunities.

Although you can’t predict the future, this may be one of your future collaborations.
These may be the clients for whom you eventually produce videos or perform freelancing work.
You must be a part of the neighborhood.
Another tool is CreativeMornings, a monthly event that normally takes place in roughly 100 locations and allows you to network and interact with other creatives in your area.

Additionally, you might check into professional associations for things like photography, design, film, or even Toastmasters to meet people and improve your communication skills.
Additionally, organizations that conduct events include the Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber of Commerce’s young professionals group is present in Vegas.
They have all kinds of amazing events, and I love to attend them because I never know what will happen, but I do know that people are what important most and that you should always expand your social network.

As a result, we’ll mention several resources in the paragraph that follows. However, let me just offer one piece of advice: I believe that individuals give up on networking too soon.
You know, although I’d love to claim that every meetup I go to results in some type of business agreement, epic collaboration, or spectacular event that grows my business, it doesn’t always work out that way.

You have to be willing to put in the effort, hustle, and just sort of leave a little bit of serendipity up to these events while of course always going with purpose. I mean, I go simply to meet people and to check things out.
The second crucial area is concentrating on expanding your internet network and social circle.
Naturally, this is where you initiate Twitter discussions, interact with interesting individuals, join conversations, and give back to the community in your specialization and in your area.

So, before you truly start to establish your online social network and network, a wonderful power tip is to level up your personal branding.
I must remark that, similar to when you attend a conference or a meetup, you’ll probably take a shower that day and arrive in order to leave a specific image.
Consider doing the same for your internet presence.
Have you got a decent avatar?

Do you present your Twitter or Instagram accounts in a professional manner?
Does it accurately reflect your company’s core beliefs, your brand’s messaging, your placement in the market, and what you stand for?
You should always focus on your personal branding first if you haven’t already done so on your online platforms since, in my opinion, you only have one chance to create a first impression.
What is the initial impression of your Twitter avatar when you initiate contact with someone on Twitter and begin a conversation?

What does your Twitter profile make me think?
Is it completed?
or your bio on Instagram or another social media site.
Always focus on your branding and messaging before starting your outreach.
Here are a few real-world examples that illustrate why this is so effective.
Heather Torres is the first.
Now, you might be familiar with her.

She is a member of the THiNK Media team, and what do you know?
Twitter introduced us.
When we were very young in THiNK Media and it wasn’t really a lot of money to hire anyone, she actually reached out to me, we started a conversation, eventually met up here in Vegas, and eventually she did some kind of pro bono work, worked for free, and just kind of worked on some performance based stuff.

She ultimately joined the team in a real capacity, and since then, she has been one of the biggest blessings and had a profound influence on everything we do at THiNK Media as well as the broader perception of our brand.

We connected online—powerful, huh?
And my buddy Alejandro Reyes is yet another illustration.
Currently, one of my closest friends, who I met on Twitter, has a great YouTube Vlog channel.

He stretched out because.
But I have to admit that Alejandro and Heather are equally adept at making a strong first impression in both situations.
They appear like actual people, you know.

In order to get over the first question of who this person is, I appear like I could trust them.
Simply because they had a solid bio image, I could sort of tell what they were about and check out their material to see what they had been writing.
They thus developed some lasting connections, relationships, and commercial alliances as a result of their powerful brand.

This is the driving force behind why expanding your network and social circle is important.
As a result, I’d want to share with you three places where you can actually network online. I got these ideas from Chase Jarvis, the creator of CreativeLive and a significant impact in my life.
I’ll provide a link to his channel in the summary below.
Actually, one of his videos served as the main inspiration for this one.

However, he discussed three areas on which you have to concentrate when it comes to networking online.
“Who are the stars in your space?” is the first question.
Who are the key players and top influencers in your specialty when it comes to creating and participating in a community and having a conversation?
Engage in their material.
Are you making remarks about their work?
posting about them?
giving genuine praise?

Additionally, if they ask questions, interact with them and other visitors to their domain.
Since they are very experienced leaders.
They are community builders and internet influencers.
As a result, there are already ongoing dialogues that you can join in on in a courteous, helpful, value-adding manner that also makes you a member of the community they are creating.
The sites make up the second section.

What are the most popular websites in your niche, then?
Therefore, the blogs, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and even podcasts in your area are what we’re referring to here.
Take time to watch the leading channels and set aside time in your calendar to participate in the comments.

I like to express my gratitude when I listen to a podcast that features two interviews with different persons, you know.
I’ll remark, “Just listened to the episode,” and I’ll tag each individual.
Outstanding episode
You are aware that doing this puts you on people’s radars.
Does that immediately provide a commercial outcome?
Obviously not.

If anything, it might not occur right away and might not even occur for another five or seven years.
However, the key is to always be deliberately fostering relationships in order to increase your social capital and social network.
The third area is social, which refers to your peers.
You may be interested in learning more about the stars and if you participate in their communities.
What are the best websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels?
Participate in those communities, do you?
Socially speaking, who are your peers?
Influencers in your field who may be of a comparable magnitude to you are the people who are acting similarly to you.

And in that sense, you’re interacting with them, leaving comments on their work, forming friendships, developing those relationships, and they’re cultivating things like joint ventures and collaborations, whether those are in business, on YouTube and blogging, on Facebook Live, in social media, taking over Instagram accounts or Snapchat accounts, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Facebook Live.
These things might present you with a plethora of chances to develop your brand, but it’s something you should always be focusing on.

And here’s a powerful tip: A lot of the time, I observe folks who think in terms of transactions: I want to perform one action and then withdraw money from that quick investment I made right now.
And that’s not how it operates.
You almost adopt this as your way of life.
And in my opinion, it’s best carried out with no expectations.

It works best when there is no agenda and only the hope that it will lead to something cool.
Nobody wants a person with a hidden agenda, someone who is just interested in themselves and what they may get from the connection.
In the end, I believe what people really want are just real, genuine, pleasant individuals who offer value and who share their thoughts, beliefs, passions, or anything else.
merely coming up with fun and innovative ways to collaborate.

Therefore, I strongly advise that when you’re really purposeful with this kind of stuff, you also let things be very organic, not forced, contrived, be a decent person constantly, and always expect to offer value and give value, honestly not expecting anything in return.
Okay, so your first course of action is to create a list in a Google Doc, Evernote, or wherever you save your notes.

Write stars, write sites, write social, write about your peers, and start merely keeping a continuous list of the top influencers, top sites, top media channels, individuals you’d want to develop relationships with, and your peers in this field.
Then you may use that list as a reference.
You can always add to it, and you can be deliberate about blocking time in your schedule to perhaps just go through and check in, spend some time interacting, leaving comments, seeing what others are up to, and contributing and giving back in those areas.

Working for no pay is the third way to expand your network and social circle.
Now, I understand that you might be thinking, “Sean, nothing should “be done for free. “I should never labor for free.
Without a doubt, whatever that has helped me reach where I am now has come through performing spec work, pro bono work, and simply contributing value without expecting anything in return.
If you’ve never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, he is a New York Times best-selling author. He also has a full-time cameraman named DRock. This is a renowned type of narrative in the entrepreneur world.
Online, he’s really taking off.

But DRock, since he produced a video for Gary, this tale has only truly started to circulate online.
The words he used were, “Hey, may I work with you?”
After a few rounds of rejection, he finally said, “Sure, I’ll let you construct “a mini-documentary of my day for free.”

And DRock did it for nothing, filming all day to create this segment that is now Gary’s show, the DailyVee.
And now that he has taken over a job, he is fully committed to the squad.
Because he reached out and offered to contribute value without asking anything in return, DRock was able to pursue his passion.

DRock undoubtedly wished for what transpired to occur, and sure enough, it did.
And performing spec work was the beginning of it all.
You may be aware of another instance of this on Video Influencers.
We have an interview program with Benji and it’s true that many people do that. It’s also true that having influential guests on our show adds value.

But because Google Hangouts are so simple to use, many individuals merely use them to record interviews.
You get to sit here, speak with the other individual, and publish it.
However, we genuinely wanted Video Influencers to be unique.
In order to do interviews with various influencers that we had on that channel that were of a much higher quality, we spent our own money, our own time, traveled, brought several camera angles, and really brought our own staff, whom we were paying.

And one of the cases we used was Chalene Johnson, a well-known fitness expert and New York Times best-selling author. We now collaborate frequently, I’ve spoken at several of her events, and we work together inside of her Marketing Impact Academy.
And it’s led to a variety of other things, but it all began with going and not just filming an original interview with her on Video Influencers, but also really investing in that interview.
I aspired to do the finest interview she had ever conducted.

She was like, “Dude, a couple of other people did some stuff with me, “and it hasn’t been out for like two months. I wanted the video production to be off the charts and a step above everyone else’s, and our turnaround time—I think the video was out the day after we shot it—got her attention.
This is ridiculous, the interview was fantastic, and the production value made it seem like you had added so much to my life.

The relationship really took another stride forward as a result of that.
Therefore, I want to know who you would most want to collaborate with.
What organization or group would you consider joining more closely?
Consider how you may provide value up front.
Make a free-work offer?

Or offer to work on fun initiatives that highlight the other person’s unique qualities?
That is one of the finest methods to expand your social circle, your network, and your opportunities to begin relationships that you would not have otherwise had if you had simply asked someone out on a date.

For example, “Hey, can I buy you coffee?”
In fact, power tip, asking influential people to buy you lunch is arguably one of the worst ways to connect with them.
especially when some of these individuals say, “You’re going to give me a $20 lunch when I manage a staff of 20 people that I have to pay every day?”
You should thus use all of your imagination to come up with new ideas for connecting with people and adding value.

Another illustration that is important in this area is that this is a terrific approach to develop your talents.
If you haven’t heard my tale before, I began making videos while interning at my neighborhood church.
My Youth Pastor gave me a camcorder in 2003 and told me to start creating video announcements.
Of course, all of this was done as a volunteer, but it was a great chance for me to learn on the church’s computers and equipment when I couldn’t buy computers, video editing software, or camera equipment.
I consequently started making videos.

I had to produce films every single week back then, and the discipline of doing that is what led me to where I am now with my understanding of video production and YouTube.
You know, in 2007, I handled the YouTube account for my church as our first channel on the platform.
As a result, all the advice I’ve acquired up to this point has come through joining a team, doing internships, developing my talents, and forming connections.
Next, skip ahead a few years.

I created a media production company, and many of the customers were individuals who had previously attended the church, which was located about an hour north of Seattle, Washington.
I was involved, that’s why.
I had something going on.
As I learned in the real world by interacting with others, making connections, and expanding my network, things started to happen.

And as a result, more doors started to open and unexpected events transpired.
What type of individuals might you provide value to for free, I want to encourage you.
You should avoid expecting anything in return, especially today when social media is more prevalent than ever and people more busy than ever.

I urge you to take advantage of the chance to provide value and expand your social network since doing so might pave the way for some wonderful things in the future.
Today’s question.
Which of these three advices most caught your attention?
What conference, meetup, or event would be ideal for you to go to in the upcoming six months in order to expand your network?

Please provide your feedback in the box below.
So much appreciation .
THiNK Media is here to provide you with the greatest advice and resources for using online video to increase your influence.

Keep up the good work, and we’ll chat soon.
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