Davido Partners With UnitedMasters To Launch His Own Label Nine+ Records


Under the tutelage of Steve Stoute, the launch of Nine+ Records will allow Davido to start a new path as an executive.

Starting Wednesday (April 17), three-time Grammy nominee, Davido, will embark on a new chapter as a full-fledged executive, signing a deal with UnitedMasters to start a new label, Nine+ Records.

According to Billboard, Stoute and Davido are clear that they won’t limit themselves to Afrobeats but will venture into hip-hop, R&B, Latin, country and more, casting a wide net for new talent.

“I think the music that Davido has been able to make, produce and share with the world has been amazing,” says Stoute.

“For me, I think his connection between Nigeria and Atlanta, and everything he’s gone through has brought unique experiences that I can hear and feel through his lyrics and production. I didn’t even know that [at the time], I just knew there was something different about his sound and the way he structured his songs.”

According to Stoute, it didn’t take much convincing: He sold Davido on the possibilities of building a label reminiscent of the hard-nosed rap imprints he witnessed first-hand in the ’90s and ’00s.

“There’s such a big opportunity globally and I see him as an entrepreneur that could build the next Bad Boy, the next Death Row and the next label that has significant impact like a Cash Money,” Stoute says. “[I told him to] forget everything you were doing before, let’s commit to building something in a joint venture and that’s the formation of Nine+ and UnitedMasters.”

Speaking to Billboard, Davido said;

“There’s one thing that I’ll always love, which is nurturing new talent, bringing them up and helping them grow. I’ve been doing that since Afrobeats wasn’t even Afrobeats, since when you guys didn’t even know what it was. Since I came up from writing my first song, I’ve been helping my two cousins work on their music. I put them under my label, but it got to a point where I felt I needed some knowledge. I need some mentors to advise me. For some artists, all you need is one hit song and your life can change. Sometimes, when you get to that point, you don’t have anybody to advise you on how to move and get good paperwork done. I just felt like that was one thing Steve Stoute represents, and that’s helping the artists and making sure they know the best option when it comes to business. My job is obviously to bring the creatives and deliver, but I do need Steve’s vision on how I’m going to advise on these new artists.”